Kristen Vardanega is an artist, illustrator, and cancer survivor living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Inspired by illustrated books and naturalist field guides, I have kept a sketchbook of observational drawings since childhood. My work lands in the intersection of nature and narrative: most recently a series of botanical gouache paintings on handmade paper crafted from my own medical bills. I dabble in both digital and traditional painting and drawing, as well as paper and book making. An avid birdwatcher and outdoors-person, I have deep respect for nature and ecology, and I am continuously inspired by vintage scientific illustration, zines, tarot cards, comic books, printmaking, bugs, textiles, and ornate cowboy boots. One day I’d like to be a combination of John James Audobon, Carson Ellis, Eric Carle, Hilma Af Klint, and Mary Oliver. 

Email littletinyeggart@gmail.com if you’d like to work with me, have a question, or just want to say hi!

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How to Make More Art in 2023: Five Tips

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to make more art?  Again? Did you make less work in 2022 than you thought you might? Do you have all these creative ideas, but you just can’t make them happen? Today I’m sharing five actionable tips to help you make more art in 2023. This is a text…

Italy Trip & Sketchbook!

Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve made a post here, but I would like to utilize this blog more, especially as social media continues to be a weird, unpredictable place to share art! This June, my parents invited Taylor and I to come along on a trip to Italy. I had never been…

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March Dispatch

Here you’ll find the first installment of a monthly dispatch of recent activities and inspirations. It’s officially the end of March, Spring is in full swing, and I’m so ready for a change in season and location: most notably our move from Montana to Salt Lake City! Our little studio was home for four years,…

Changes & Updates: A springtime blog post

Well, Hi. The more time that passes between posts, the more I feel like I have to explain, which leaves a lot less space for unique observations or insightful insights or nice words about nice things. Please bear with me while we get caught up. In my last post, published almost exactly a year ago,…

One Year

It’s my one-year transplant birthday! On February 14th 2020, I was admitted to UC Davis to start chemo. The day before, I had brunch with my grandparents and went to a Mardi Gras-themed party at the Crocker art museum. I had my transplant on 2/21/20 and had absolutely zero immune system in an isolation room…